How to Wear Denim Overalls

how to wear denim overalls

I have slowly started to see denim overalls make a comeback in the stores and on the streets. Properly pulling off denim overalls, like most outfits, has a lot to do with how you feel in them. Our friend Emily pulls them off perfectly, because she is confident and adorable! If you start with the attitude that you can’t pull them off, you’re preparing yourself for awkwardness. I find that they look best when pair with a simple fitted shirt underneath to counter the boxy shape that is associated with overalls.

where to buy denim overalls

blue distressed overalls

Where Did You Get It:

Overalls: CottonON  |  Shirt: TJ Maxx  |  Sunglasses: Rayban

Shop the Look:

Where to get overalls  leather overalls

Alloy Apparel / Forever 21



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